Getting fit is a hike, not a sprint

Getting Fit isn't a Spring. It's a hike.  | Hold the Lemon

They say that getting fit is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. I’d like to propose that it’s more like a hike up a mountain.

When you first start, it seems insurmountable.  The task looms above you, and you can’t really know what’s on the other side. But you put one foot in front of the other and you go.  You move. You won’t do it in a day, but any movement more than your normal brings you further away from the bottom and up towards your goal.  Sometimes you may stumble downhill again. Sometime you may camp out for a little while to catch your breath.  But before you know it, it becomes just what you do. You wake up, and you move forward.

There are many paths up, and the one you take may not be the same one that others have taken. It may not be the same one you started out on or where you thought you’d go. You may even make your own path. You  may even get lost.  Don’t worry; that’s all part of the adventure.  You often can’t see what’s around the bend, but just look up, and you know where your goal is.

Also, this is your mountain.  It can be as high as you like, or it can have several peaks of power. Challenge yourself.

Just so this post is also a useful reference tool:  if you’re anything like me, when I first come to a new place, I need a guide.  I know that I’m not the first person to climb this mountain. I need a map to give me confidence that I’m going in the right direction and landmarks to confirm it. Below are some places to start.

Don’t forget to stop occasionally to check out the view behind you, too, and be proud for how far you’ve come!

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