FitBit Step-it-up Challenge!

I, along with many of my friends and family, have acquired FitBits, which is really more than just a glorified pedometer!  I have a FitBit One, which has an activity (and sleep) tracker, but all of them include access to a free smart phone app and web interface, which is where the data magic happens.  The data geek in me enjoys  the activity graphs, the achievement geek in me likes that it gives you goals (10,000 steps a day isn’t easy for a girl with a deskjob), and the social geek in me likes that you can add people you know and have friendly competitions!

FitBit Step-it-up Challenge | Hold the Lemon

The FitBit Step-it-up Challenge

So I’ve been realizing that I’ve been slacking off. And other people have mentioned about how they have been slacking off. So I propose a new challenge, one where other people aren’t your competition, but the numbers are!

Starting July 1st, the goal is to be in the winning group of the week to *maintain* (at least!) the weekly average of steps number for that week, increasing every week by 1,000 steps. The goal is to make it to 10,000 steps, after which we can work on a 10k maintain challenge.

Week 1 – Jul 01 28,000 steps (avg. 4000/day)
Week 2 – Jul 08 35,000 steps (avg. 5000/day)
Week 3 – Jul 15 42,000 steps (avg. 6000/day)
Week 4 – Jul 22 49,000 steps (avg. 7000/day)
Week 5 – Jul 29 56,000 steps (avg. 8000/day)
Week 6 – Aug 05 63,000 steps (avg. 9000/day)
Week 7 – Aug 12 70,000 steps (avg. 10000/day)

Who’s in?

Strategies to get more steps

  • Take the long way into work. Try the far door, take the stairs, walk the whole floor before sitting down.
  • Walk during work. This could be during your lunch break, taking the long way to a meeting.
  • Go to a fitness class!  I can get a good 5000+ steps just from a single zumba class.
  • Make your “average daily steps” your step goal for the day. If you always meet or exceed it, then your goal will keep increasing as will your steps.

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  1. You can just do this along with your friends on FitBit (I’ll be watching you on my list!), or log it for yourself. It’s more a competition with yourself, a challenge to keep with the group, and an incremental goal!

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