Change is the only constant

changeistheonlyconstantWhen I started this blog in March 2013, I was in a totally different space. I was feeling inspired by parameters, I was feeling good about helping friends, and I was energized by exercise. I was learning more about myself – what fueled my body and my spirit. I was going strong and feeling strong and helping others feel the same way!  And to top it off, one day my scale showed me a number that I hadn’t seen since high school. Rock on. I was swimming! Then I floundered. Then I flopped. I had all of the excuses, but they’re the excuses. I won’t even grant them the mindspace to list them individually. But my excuses were logical, and forgiving, and enabling, and completely blind. I decided to put my energy into other categories, and that’s okay in the grand scheme of things.  It is valid to choose different priorities. However, if my goal is fitness and health, I won’t ever reach that goal if I don’t prioritize it. I’ll just float around with a goal in the distance but no momentum. So now I’m back. From outer space. There is no need for guilt or regrets.  Indulging in negative feelings now can’t change actions in the past. Besides, that’s where emotional eating starts, right? Don’t eat because you’re sad, and don’t be sad because you eat! Perhaps it’s Spring bringing feelings of renewal – a growing excitement for warmer weather and the activities that accompany it! But now changes – they are a-coming. The domain may be unavailable in a couple days for a couple days. Then there may be some transition pains. But after that, here’s looking forward to a new look, more recipes and dinner plans, more resources, new thoughts and fitness challenges! Until next time…

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