Inkle Loom Pattern: Red and Gold Chain

This year’s vacation brought my husband and me to Pennsic, an annual medieval camping event held in Pennsylvania and associated with the Society for Creative Anachronism.  It was a full week of camping in pre-17th century garb filled with classes and parties and activities. It was my first Pennsic, and although weather-challenging (Oh, the humidity!), it was overall unequivocally fantastic. I’ve been rejecting reality ever since.

I also came home with a plethora of post-Pennsic potential projects, including this one, weaving trim on an inkle loom. I became fascinated with the idea of weaving after watching several people with looms, that when presented with the opportunity to bring one home with me, I snatched it up.  With much appreciation to my generous and patient teachers, I was able to do the following project without stressing or much thought in less than a week.

My inkle loom
My inkle loom


17 threads, chain pattern.

Inkle Loom Plain-Weave Pattern Generator

Thank you, Carolingian Realm Pattern Generator!


Approximately 130″ of 1/4″ trim.

Inkle Loom Weaving Red and Gold Chain Trim

This was my first ever inkle weaving project, so I was learning as I went along. You can really see my progress in the photo below which on the left shows the first several inches of my project and on the right my last several inches.

Inkle Loom Weaving Red and Gold Chain Trim Comparison Close Up

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