“Hold the Lemon” was a food, fitness, and lifestyle blog for those who have dietary requirements/preferences, are trying to improve themselves, and have a similar life view.  So there are recipes and fitness articles and food for thought and thoughts on food.  Then I learned how to knit, and I wanted to share my projects and progress. So I did that for a bit. And then I abandoned that and am just posting what I want to post.

And Who Am I?

I am a creative-office-job professional in my early 30s living in New England. I have a spouse and our puppy.  My main hobbies are fitness (hula hooping, zumba), playing dress-up (hosting theme parties, geek/steampunk conventions/faires), and gaming (board and card games). I believe in equality, in always improving oneself, that life is full of adventures waiting to happen, and that a change in perspective is one of the most powerful ways we can influence our lives and the lives of others.

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