Brussels Sprout Chips

Sometimes you just need a little green crunch. A spin-off from kale chips, I first made these after preparing the Dinner Menu: Sage Chicken Thighs, Brussels Sprouts, and Sweet Potato. I reserved the clean leaves from cutting and prepping the Brussels sprouts, and I waited until the pan drippings from the chicken thighs were cooled.  Delicious easy snack if you enjoy these little cabbages.

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Dinner Menu: Sage Chicken Thighs, Brussels Sprouts, and Sweet Potato

What’s for dinner? Simple, delicious, and balanced is key for me; this menu does the trick. Brush some oil and spices onto chicken and bake it. While it’s baking, pan fry some Brussels sprouts, and microwave a sweet potato. Dinner is done! These three recipes as is will feed two people (if you bake two sweet potatoes). And one serving of everything for the whole meal is under 400 calories! That leaves plenty of room for another helping of chicken, or some dessert!

As a bonus, I will also blog about an easy post-dinner snack recipe that works perfectly with this meal: Brussels Sprout chips.  Reserve the clean Brussels sprout leaves, and the chicken drippings!

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Bacon-Garlic Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts. You either love them or hate them. I actually love them. But even a green vegetable avoider may give Brussels sprouts a second look when you pair them with their unlikely-but-perfectly-paired partner: bacon. Also, garlic, because why not. It’s tasty.

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