Pumpkin Muffins (Paleo)

Paleo Pumpkin Muffins | Hold the Lemon

As the weather here in New England intermittently begins to feel decidedly like winter (today there’s a high of 59 degrees F, but just a couple days ago the high was 32!), I find myself holding on to the last vestiges of Fall.  With all of the Thanksgiving dinner food coming tomorrow, here is an easy recipe for a make-ahead small breakfast to get you going the day of before the big meal, or easily grab a muffin or two the day after when you just don’t want to cook.

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Garlic Scape Pesto

Garlic Scape Pesto | Hold the Lemon

When my friend Erin gave me and my husband garlic scapes, I admit, I didn’t know what to expect!  But despite not using them before, they weren’t intimidating at all. Garlic scapes are the stalk of the garlic plant, and they have a prominent but not overpowering garlic flavor.

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Mixed Berry Crumble with Macadamia-Almond Topping (Paleo)

Paleo Berry Crumble with Macadamia Almond Topping | Hold the Lemon

The first day of summer is a little less than a month away, but I’m a little impatient this year. I’ve decided that it’s summer now. And summer means grilled meats, salads, and berries! This was a berry day. It was also a dessert day. It was a good decision.

I received nothing but rave reviews for this dessert! Even with no added sugar to the filling, it was perfectly sweet. Finely chopping the macadamias is key to have a flavorful evenly seasoned crust.

My dairy-eating friends loved this as a topping for their ice cream. I’m sure I could have put it on some coconut or banana ice cream and be just as pleased!

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Brussels Sprout Chips

Sometimes you just need a little green crunch. A spin-off from kale chips, I first made these after preparing the Dinner Menu: Sage Chicken Thighs, Brussels Sprouts, and Sweet Potato. I reserved the clean leaves from cutting and prepping the Brussels sprouts, and I waited until the pan drippings from the chicken thighs were cooled.  Delicious easy snack if you enjoy these little cabbages.

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Dinner Menu: Sage Chicken Thighs, Brussels Sprouts, and Sweet Potato

What’s for dinner? Simple, delicious, and balanced is key for me; this menu does the trick. Brush some oil and spices onto chicken and bake it. While it’s baking, pan fry some Brussels sprouts, and microwave a sweet potato. Dinner is done! These three recipes as is will feed two people (if you bake two sweet potatoes). And one serving of everything for the whole meal is under 400 calories! That leaves plenty of room for another helping of chicken, or some dessert!

As a bonus, I will also blog about an easy post-dinner snack recipe that works perfectly with this meal: Brussels Sprout chips.  Reserve the clean Brussels sprout leaves, and the chicken drippings!

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Nutty Cocoa-Coconut Cookies (Paleo)

Hey there, paleo cookie monster! Do you want to have your cookie and eat it too? This paleo cookie recipe uses the common basic ingredients in a paleo kitchen, so it’s easy enough to whip these up when the mood hits you! It’s also a great base to add your favorite nuts, or substitute dried fruit!

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Pineapple-bacon Chicken for a Crowd

Pineapple-bacon Chicken for a Crowd | Hold the Lemon

When I’m hosting a get-together for a large group of people and need to cook for a crowd, I value ease of ingredients, ease of preparation, and the ability to have everything all set before the guests arrive so I can spend less time fretting in the kitchen and more time socializing with my guests! I also like to make sure I provide a dish that is hearty (since guests often bring sides and desserts), hot (since it’s more difficult for guests to bring hot items), and can be eaten by the majority (if not all) attendees. These parameters can be difficult to match, but this recipe seems to fit the bill!

I adapted one of my favorite kabob recipes to create this easy bright dish, which uses only five regular ingredients (plus seasonings). This dish can be prepared before the guests arrive and is perfectly happy being set to warm in a crockpot. Extra bonus is that prep/cooking only dirties up one skillet, a cutting board, a knife, and a cooking utensil, so I don’t add too much to the pre-party dishes to clean!

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What’s in My Paleo Pantry?

I have my own drawer in the pantry for paleo ingredients and snacks, since my husband isn’t strictly doing paleo with me. It’s been exceedingly helpful to have one place to scour when I’m cooking or craving. The other drawers of grains and processed foods just don’t exist. Right? /sneaks a peak.

I always thought it would be helpful to have a guide as to what you can keep stocked in your pantry for paleo, so I’ve created one! The items italicized are ones that I don’t usually have or which I intend to stock. This post is strictly about the pantry. My paleo fridge and fruit basket will come in another post.

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Creamy Ham and Yam Soup

I was feeling a bit under the weather, and soup seemed to be exactly what I needed.  I had some leftover ham and sweet potatoes and other veggies laying around.  I was tempted to eat both servings in one helping!

I realize that yams are different than sweet potatoes, but I couldn’t resist using it as its colloquial term because, well, rhyming. Oh, and did I mention that it’s paleo?

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Cuban-inspired Paleo Burger

Cuban-inspired Paleo Burger

I’ve been coming across some delicious-looking paleo burger recipes. like the Spinach-Chicken Burgers from Cardamom Mom and the Paleo Cajun Burgers from Kohler Created. So I had a craving. And out of this craving, I threw together this bun-less pork burger.

The Cuban burger recipes I looked up include mayonnaise, swiss, and ham. This version substitutes with avocado and prosciutto, which gives it the creamy texture. I also went for 100% ground pork instead of a pork and beef mixture. It’s not quite warm enough for the grill yet, so I pan-fried these burgers. I think they’d be even more delicious on the grill this summer!

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